OZONE, Food Grade Hydrogen PerOxide,

MegaDose Vitamin C and MegaDose Vitamin B Complex with FOLATE.

( We are NOT financially compensated for these recommendations )


COVID-19 and it’s Variants should be a wakeup call.

The carnage it has caused did not have to occur.

Moving forward let us make sure nothing like this happens again.

You can rest assured that other viruses will be around in the future.

The way to combat these pathogens resides within us

– a strong, well-supported immune system.


Please read all the way to the bottom to where it is obvious that this is NOT like Polio.




This information is intended to be used as a Conversation Guide

between You and a Qualified Medical Professional.



Steven Yager, StevenYager.org,

and Steven Yager’s Affiliates and Associates

do NOT receive financial compensation

for any Material and\or Links presented on this Site.

We merely want to put a stop to all

the needless deaths occurring around the World.


Please take COVID-19 and it’s Coronavirinae Variants SERIOUSLY

because they can cause STROKES in otherwise HEALTHY People !!


There can never be a safe vaccine for this.


The good news is,

100% treatable means 100% treatable.

No one should have died from COVID-19.

No one.


COVID-19 and it’s Coronavirinae Variants need to be taken SERIOUSLY.


Many who have died from COVID-19
or suffered a COVID-19 induced STROKE,

have at one point in time,

began feeling better for a day or two.

Just when they think they may be

on the road to full recovery;

they collapse.


Your Pulse-Oximeter reading can go from 99% to 66% in as quickly as two days.

If your Pulse-Ox reading is 78% or lower your organs have already begun to experience serious damage.

At 66% your heart rhythms become seriously erratic.

Anything below 94% requires Medical Attention.


This is an insidious virus that is 100% treatable

if you take it seriously and get full scale First Aid Treatment immediately.


COVID-19 and it’s Coronavirinae Variants can cause strokes in people ages 30 – 116.

Please. Take this seriously.


Many people don’t get well once it’s “gone,”

they have long-term problems.


This is NOT the “flu”.


CoronaVirus Variants can cause strokes,

permanent lung damage,

permanent heart, liver & kidney damage.


When you hear someone say,

“It’s wasn’t all that bad, however,

It’s been months and I still don’t have all my energy back.”

This means the virus is still

wreaking havoc on you at


Without the Proper Treatment,

the damage to your heart, liver, lungs

and kidneys could be permanent.


The blood clotting can kill you and if it doesn’t, it can last for many months,


( *Medical Observation )



The People who have performed the provided FIRST AID Treatment before their Pulse-Ox readings go below 78% have fully recovered in 14 to 96 hours.


You absolutely, positively, should perform this First Aid Treatment and kill the Bug once and for all.

You could safely be non-contagious and enjoying the company of Friends and Family in 96 hours.


When I personally experienced Full Viral Load of COVID-19 Variant

I should have been able to beat it in 24 hours.

However, I had it for 4 days.

I struggled because I didn’t know the humidity in my house was only 15%,

so I would wake up each Morning and my throat, sinuses and mouth were “on fire*.”

(*…that’s a Medical Term)

I did steps 1 – 6 of the First Aid Protocol over and over for 4 days.

Fortunately, 4 Ultrasonic Humidifiers were delivered to my house on Day Three.

I used distilled water in the machines to avoid “white dust.”

I totally recovered by Day Four.


I have been assisting people all around the world and

the most distinctive difference between COVID-19 and the “flu”

is that COVID-19:

  • creates a rash that looks like poison ivy in teenagers and in people in their 20s
  • causes STROKES in people in their 30s, 40s & 50s
  • causes serious Opportunistic Bacterial Pneumonia and STROKES in people 60+.


COVID-19 (all Variants), the flu, and the common cold

are easily and totally treatable

with this First Aid Protocol.


If everyone in this world were to have exercised this

First Aid Protocol starting in January of 2020,

we could have all been in Church for Easter.


There was and is no reason to shut down the planet

causing a great increase in Suicides,

Substance Abuse Deaths,

and Domestic Violence Deaths.


For the most part Sweden got it correct.



You absolutely, positively, should perform this First Aid Protocol


and kill the Bug once and for all.


If you want a FULL Recovery in 96 hours or less,

please continue reading.


First and Most Important:

What is your Blood Oxygen Percentage?

My Mother & I text our Pulse-Ox readings to each other every day.

These texts are calming for her

and give her a sense of connection

and a sense of peace.

The readings are generally between 96% – 99%.

93% or lower sets off an alarm.


Everyone should have a Pulse-Oximeter:










Please click on image for source.



The Humidity in the Patients

Bedroom needs to be between 35% – 50%.











Vicks EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier

Distilled Water Only:












Warm Steam Vaporizer

Tap Water Only:












Do NOT perform the COVID First Aid Protocol for

more than 4 Days and Drink plenty of Salted Water:

To continue Nebulizing after 4 days,

please refer to My Prevention Protocol.



CoronaVirus, Cold & Flu First Aid Kit

( Every Image on PDF has a Researched Link to Helpful Product )

( We are NOT financially compensated for these recommendations )


The Absolutes for “First Aid” Treatment for ADULTS are:

1)     40 grams of pure Vitamin C dissolved in water

2)     Nebulizing 3 times per day

3)     Firing off a gentle cannon in the OutHouse

4)     1,250 mcg of Vitamin D3

5)     100 mg of Vitamin B Complex

6)     120 mg of Zinc

7)     500 mg of Quercetin


Start with 25,000 mg (25 grams)

of PURE Vitamin C Powder dissolved in Water:

 That is a LOT of “C”.

Make sure there is no Fillers and no Excipients!


I would give people 25,000 mg (25 grams) of Vitamin C merely as a test.

No healthy human being can consume 25 grams

of pure Vitamin C without

“firing off a gentle cannon in the outhouse*”

(*Medical Term)

If you DO fire off a gentle cannon in the OutHouse,

you probably don’t have any of the COVIDs or COVID Variants.


If you consume 25,000 mg (25 grams) of Vitamin C

and you don’t “pee” out your donkey,*


and your body is USING ALL

of that Vitamin C to COMBAT a VIRUS.

At that point,

if your body IS using all of that Vitamin C to COMBAT a VIRUS

and you don’t fire off a gentle cannon in the outhouse,*

one should consume 5,000 mg (5 grams) to 15,000 mg (15 grams) more of Vitamin C,

depending on your body weight and level of infection.


When this happened to me, I increased

to 40 grams of Vitamin C and prayed*.

(*Medical Terms)


When you stir 40,000 mg (40 grams) of Vitamin C powder into water and drink it.

You will experience a non-violent diarrhea that flushes the bug out of your system.

Kinda’ like “peeing” out your behind*.

(* that’s a Medical Term )

You must experience diarrhea or it won’t work.

They call it reaching bowel tolerance.


My very special Aunt said she would rather die than intentionally create 2 hours of gentle diarrhea,

…she’s now dead.

…from COVID-19.


If you are going to be like my very special Aunt,

stop reading now.

Crawl off into a hole somewhere, suffer, and die.



If you want a FULL Recovery in 96 hours or less,

please continue reading.




Do NOT take Calcium Buffered Vitamin C.

CALCIUM causes Kidney Stones.

Calcium Buffered Vitamin C causes Kidney Stones.

Vitamin C alone does NOT cause Kidney Stones.


I’m referring to a lame ass 10-year study

performed on 23,000 males in Sweden.

They don’t tell you in the study that the

Vitamin C used was buffered with Calcium.


THEN they attempt to blame the 1% increase

in the likelihood of getting Kidney Stones

on the Vitamin C

and leave the Calcium to be Blameless.


The body will use what it needs and then excretes the rest.


The safest way is to start with 10 Grams ( 10,000 mg ).

Then do 1 gram per hour until *“bowel tolerance.”

(*Firing off a Gentle Cannon in the Out House )

(*peeing out your Donkey )

(*both are Medical Terms )


However, I have found that people

do not like the taste and stop taking it

mid-way through

…and those people become the “Long Haulers”.


Me Personally, I give Clients 25 grams.

If they do not fire off a cannon,

I know they are very sick.

Then I give them 30 – 40 grams the next day,

depending on their weight.


If they DO fire of a cannon,

then that part of the protocol is complete.


No need to repeat that.

Otherwise, you risk dehydration.


( one new Client had already had her husband

in the outhouse every day

for a whole week before I met them )

(…not pretty. )




Nebulize with a Solution of:

5 CCs (5 ml) 0.9% Saline Solution

1 CCs (1 ml) 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

2 Drops 2% J Crow’s Lugol’s Iodine


Inhale as deep as you can and hold it for 4 seconds.

Then Exhale.

You will probably cough.

…a lot.

…and hard!

You may want to place both forearms

firmly on a table or desk as to place as

much of your body weight on your forearms as you can

so you don’t “blow out”* your back.

(* ..another Medical Term )

Have plenty of paper cups to cough into.

Nebulize until Metered Bowl is Empty.


Quiet Durable Machines:

These are consistent nebulizer systems with quiet and reliable piston pumps.

They offer higher liter flows, shorter treatment times and lower sound levels than many other economy compressor nebulizers:






















Nebulizer Bowl and Sinus Mask



5 CCs (5ml) 7% Saline Solution:



1 CCs (1ml) 3% Food Grade Hydrogen PerOxide




2 Drops 2% Lugol’s Iodine














How To Nebulize 





   (Learn More)




More Ammunition:



100 mg B-Complex

50,000 IU of D3

…be very cautious with Vitamin K during this Protocol.

COVID Variants and VaXXes cause Blood Clots





120 mg Zinc












500 mg Quercetin



Melatonin 300mg


Adult Melatonin:


Powerful Probiotics


A Very Good Read:















If You continue to allow

COVID destruction to

your body and mind because

YOU decided NOT to do the VITAMIN C

to “bowel tolerance” Protocol,

while unfortunate, it’s your choice,

not mine; and therefore

you’re not my problem.


I get it, nobody wants to

risk sh*tting* their pants.

(*Medical Term)


my experience is that you feel better

almost immediately after

performing the Vitamin C Protocol.


I believe feeling better within hours

by consuming the extreme Vitamin C

is better than choosing to prolong

COVID-19 devastation for months.


*Disclaimer II

! Not Medical Advice !

To Find a Qualified Medical Professional near You,

Please Google or DuckDuckGo

these exact words including commas:

Vitamin C IV, Ozone IV, Nebulizer Medical Doctors near Me


*Disclaimer III

This information is intended to be

used as a Conversation Guide between

You and a Qualified Medical Professional.

*Disclaimer IV

None of this is Approved by the FDA.



If anyone has a problem with the information provided in this Post,

please understand: There is a very good chance that my Team

has spent $638,000.00 more on this research than you have.


But, go ahead and continue to blindly kill people with your great wisdom

allowing millions to die while waiting for a miracle “vaccine”

for a virus that is totally treatable if you seek treatment

before your Pulse-Ox reading gets below 78%.


You may, instead, want to consider providing everyone you love with a Pulse-Oximeter.

…end of rant.



Coronavirus and the People You Love


Why do we need a vaccine for something that is 100% treatable?


COVID-19 is 100% treatable if treatment is received before your blood oxygen level goes below 78%.

Please read all the way down to where Coronavirus is shown to be nothing like Polio.


We needed to find an Effective Treatment.


My Mother, Brother and Sister are “immunocompromised”.

So, this is personal.


We need Herd Immunity.


Let the Healthy create Anti-Bodies.

Socially distance the Immunocompromised and Elderly.


Yes, my TEAM has actually gone into the homes of people who were COVID-19 positive.

These deathly ill people were so afraid they may be forced to die alone on a ventilator in a hospital,

they refused to go to the Emergency Room.


Corporate Media has people scared senseless.


The overall challenge is that the treatment for COVID-19 is actually a process instead of a pill.

The process cannot be patented.

No Patent = No Profit.


Medicine is big business and they do not like competitors.

Especially competitors who have products that offer little or no profit.


The majority of the ingredients in the COVID-19 process can be obtained by anyone without a *script.

And, NO, elderberry and essential oils are NOT on the list.


The Doctors, although censored by the FTC, were allowed to continue to treat patients as long as

they did not charge patients for their services and the Doctors refrain from making public statements

about our treatment protocols of MASSIVE amounts of

Vitamins A, B1, B2, Niacin, B6, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, & B12 and D3,


to support the immune system with respect to Coronavirus.


Every single patient with blood oxygen saturation levels of 78% or higher experienced complete recovery.

Over 100 patients for one Doctor alone.

( Blood Oxygen Saturation levels between 95% and 100% are considered normal )

I personally would not have believed in some of the remedy process if I hadn’t seen it myself.


The CDC is not a Government Organization.

The Food & Drug Administration uses the FTC to harass Medical Doctors who challenge the CDC.


Just ask Barry Marshall and Robin Warren what it was like fighting the American Medical Association

with their findings on peptic ulcer disease.

They nearly lost their licenses in 1984.

They endured and in 2005 won the Nobel Prize for the same research.


Unless the process is proven with a Double-Blind Study, the process is considered Anecdotal Evidence.

Doctors are not permitted to “advertise” (hence FTC) a process that has not been proven through a Double-Blind Study.


Ozone is generally administered as intravenous solutions of ozone or intramuscular ozone;

however, there are cases where people have orally consumed OZONE SATURATED distilled water.


Ozone can be used as a Disinfectant.

…such as in a swimming pool.


Ozone (O3) is a very effective disinfection agent

and can be used in swimming pools to replace chlorine and bromine.

Ozone will even breakdown already formed unwanted chlorinated byproducts.

This reduces problems with eye irritation and respiratory problems.


Unlike Clorox and Lysol, Ozone is quite beneficial when injected intramuscular.


I am sharing this with everyone because COVID-19

is not the last Coronavirus we are going to see like this.

There will be more variants of the Coronavirus.

China is a Giant CessPool for Viruses.


There will be no effective vaccine.

There are effective treatments.

…and they are inexpensive.


Here is why we all owe it to EACH other to begin boosting our immune systems now.


Coronavirinae ( called that because of their Protein Spikes ) are enveloped,

single-stranded RNA viruses, which means that their genome consists of a strand of RNA (rather than DNA)

and that each viral particle is wrapped in a protein “envelope.”

While the COVID-19 is extremely contagious, it is easily destroyed.

The COVID-19 Envelope is so delicate it can be destroyed with simple soap and water.

It is easily destroyed with something as benign as Armor-All Leather Cleaner.

My BMW is quite grateful for that.


ALL Viruses do basically the same thing:

invade a cell and co-opt some of its components to make many copies of themselves,

which then infect other cells.

But RNA replication typically lacks the error-correction mechanisms cells employ when copying DNA,

so RNA viruses make mistakes during replication.


Coronavirinae have the longest genomes of any RNA virus

— consisting of 30,000 letters, or bases — and the more material a pathogen copies,

the more opportunity there is for mistakes (mutations).

These viruses mutate very rapidly.

Some of these mutations may confer new properties,

such as the ability to infect new cell types—or even new species.


There will be no effective vaccine.


The ineffective vaccine that WILL be produced

will harm or kill many of the people we are attempting to save.


Polio, a virus in the family of picornavirus, has an 8 kilobase (Kb) single stranded, positive sense, RNA genome.

Pico-rna-virus(es) are named for their small (“pico” + “RNA” = picorna) size.


Simply stated The Less Material A Pathogen Copies, The Less Opportunity There Is For Mistakes (Mutations).

Polio has basically three variants (mutations).


The COVID-19 is a virus in the Coronavirinae subfamily

which have large single-stranded positive-sense RNA genomes ranging between 26 kilobase and 32 kilobase in length.


Genetic inactivation of ExoN activity in engineered 2019-nCoV,

now referred to as SARS-CoV-2

(severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2)

genomes by alanine substitution at conserved DE-D-D active site residues results

in Viable Mutants That Demonstrate 15-Fold To 20-Fold Increases In Mutation Rates,

Up To 18 Times Greater Than Those Tolerated For Fidelity Mutants Of Other RNA Viruses Such As The Polio Virus.


That is why there is an effective vaccine for Polio

…and there will NEVER be an effective vaccine for the majority of the Coronavirinae, past or future.


Let the Healthy create Anti-Bodies.

Socially distance the Immunocompromised and Elderly temporarily until we have herd immunity.

THEN everyone should be hugging each other to share our antibodies.


There are over 600 Medical Doctors who meet once a year to discuss their findings with their colleagues.

These MDs are focusing on Greatly Enhancing the Human Body’s Natural Immune System.

Hopefully, people will demand that there are more of these “Holistic” Medical Doctors.


If this information helps just one more person, it will be worth every penny I invested.


Anyone who is interested in finding out more, please feel free to email me or call.

I can get you to accurate and useful information.


I am not selling anything, however, there is no altruism here.

My immune system depends on physically being with you

and yours depends on physically being with me.


It’s as simple as that.


You have my permission to share this.


P.S. To find a Qualified Medical Doctor to EFFECTIVELY combat COVID-19 and other Virus


Google exactly these words including the commas:


Vitamin C IV, Ozone IV, Nebulizer Medical Doctors near Me







My Daily Protocol for Prevention:


Easier Journey to Better Health:

Reduce Lectins, Eliminate Glutenins & Gliadins: