A legal team at William J. Olson, P.C. has confirmed dispatching letters to the chiefs of colleges and universities across Virginia suggesting – strongly – that they withdraw their demands for students to take the experimental COVID vaccines.


A “statistically significant number” of those students who take the shot “will be harmed seriously, and some may die,” the letter warns. “Moreover, a policy of coercion can impose on your institution great responsibility, as well as liability.”


America’s VAERS system, which documents complications and side effects of treatments, had gotten 326,239 event reports for “a range of adverse events,” the letter said.

Nearly 6,000 of those situations resulted in death.


Also, inoculations are unneeded due “to the availability of successful treatments,” the letter said, citing Ivermectin, which was found to obliterate 97% of the cases in a Delhi study.


“It is a violation of bio-ethics to coerce use of an experimental drug,” the letter added, citing the Nuremberg Code, which followed World War II and made clear experimentation on unwilling subjects is not allowed.


Limits were recommended in Germany, and the American Academy of Pediatrics said there were 226 confirmed myocarditis or pericarditis cases in young people after a COVID-19 vaccine.



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