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There Is Still Hope Out There- How to Nebulize

I have been getting many questions about how to nebulize.  Folks, I think nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and iodine should be done on every COVID patient.  It should be done on every pneumonia patient.  It should be done on every influenza-suffering patient.  It should be done on every patient suffering from lung problems.


Nebulizing should be done only with the guidance of your doctor.  I would suggest that it is best to find a holistic doctor who can help guide you.


I do not recommend nebulizing on your own.


With my patients, I have them nebulize Lugol’s 5% solution.  I tell them to put 1-2 drops of Lugol’s 5% in 3cc of normal saline and nebulize the mixture.


For hydrogen peroxide, food grade hydrogen peroxide should be used. We mix up a bag of normal saline and add hydrogen peroxide along with minerals.  It is similar  to the IV version that we infuse into patients.


My cousin, Jeremiah (who you will read about in my next blog), was experiencing shortness of breath and had flu-like symptoms. We were in a pinch since he was 200 miles away.  In this case, I had his wife dilute food grade—35%–peroxide down to 3% using clean, sterile water.  Then, 3cc of that diluted mixture was further diluted in 250 cc of normal saline.  Finally, 3 cc of the saline-diluted mixture can be nebulized.


With hydrogen peroxide, it is much more effective to use the version compounded in our office.  The office version is only available to our patients.  We do not sell that to the public.


I often have my patients alternate nebulizing between H202 and iodine.  I would not recommend nebulizing more than 3 times per day.


Iodine can cause some dryness of the throat.  Peroxide usually causes no adverse effects.


I want to reiterate that you should clear this with your doctor before doing this procedure on your own.  This therapy is inexpensive and very effective.


To All Our Health!



Note: David Brownstein, MD is a conventionally trained Board-Certified Family Physician with the additional overlay of holistic principles. While Dr. Brownstein does not claim to have a cure for any illness, he does believe that we can enhance the individual’s immune system by supporting the ‘host’ & the terrain of the host. The human body is well designed and the immune system, when given the proper support, can optimally function.

Disclaimer: The information on this account should not be used as medical advice. Any therapies that are discussed should be supervised under the guidance of your physician or licensed healthcare professional.




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