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  Nebulizing Protocol by YagerBomb Scientific


There Is Still Hope Out There  –  More About Nebulizing


Hi Folks,


Well…people are reading and listening.  I am hearing back from so many of you about nebulizing.  Allow me to try and clarify how I do it in my practice.  HOWEVER, nebulizers should only be used in conjunction with your doctor’s advice.  I am not directing anyone to nebulize anything on their own.  Anything can be harmful, both natural items and synthetic drugs.  Nebulizers should not be used without medical supervision.


I have many patients nebulize both hydrogen peroxide and iodine over the years.  I have happily prescribed these therapies because they work and are safe when done appropriately.


Here’s how my patients are instructed to nebulize hydrogen peroxide:  My clinical staff mixes a bag of sterile normal saline, food grade-diluted hydrogen peroxide (food grade 35% diluted to 3%), and minerals.  My partners and I have worked to perfect this formula for years.  The patient draws off 3cc of the mixture and places it in a nebulizer and breathes the solution in.  Sometimes I have them add a drop or two of 5% Lugol’s iodine to the mixture. (Note: We only do this for active patients.  If you are not an active patient, we will not send this to you. Mixing this solution makes it our responsibility. I take this responsibility to my patients seriously.)  We charge $40.00 for this bag.  There are about 80 treatments in the bag which comes out to $0.50 per treatment.  This product is one of the best things we do in our practice.  I have so many wonderful stories to tell about using this.  Once mixed in the bag, since it is sterile, it can be used for a few months if kept in the refrigerator.


Iodine Nebulizing:  I instruct my patients to add a drop or two of Lugol’s 5%  solution to 3 cc of normal saline (0.9% saline).  Normal saline can be purchased at a pharmacy.  If someone has Lugol’s 2% solution, they can use 2-4 drops in 3cc of normal saline.


My patients are resourceful people.  Sometimes they make their own nebulized solutions.  I do not recommend these as they can have impurities and they will not store well.  For example, some use over-the-counter 3% hydrogen peroxide (in the brown bottles and available at many stores).  They take 3cc of that mixture and dilute it in 250cc of normal saline.  Then they nebulize 3cc of that mixture.  I have not heard of poor outcomes from doing this, but I would never recommend storing this solution as there are impurities in it.


In my cousin Jeremiah’s case, we were in an acute situation.  He was 200 miles away and could not breathe.  We could not find normal saline, so I guided him to make his own saline solution.  It is not as pure as buying sterile, normal saline.  (Note:  Do not buy normal saline with preservatives like eye saline solutions).   Here’s what I told Jeremiah’s wife:  Mix ¼ tsp of Celtic Brand Sea Salt in a cup of clean water (distilled, reverse osmosis or something like that).  Stir the solution up, let the particulate matter fall to the bottom.  Scoop off the top until you have 250cc (or at least 200cc).  1 cup is equal to just over 200cc.  Jeremiah used the 200 cc (or so) saline solution for the base.


His wife, Deanna, found 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.  Food grade peroxide is much cleaner than over-the-counter peroxide.  To dilute 35% down to 3%, I had Deanna add 10cc of clean water to 1 cc of 35% hydrogen peroxide.  That dilutes it down to 3% (very close to it).  Once the 3% solution was made, I asked Deanna to take 3cc of that and mix it with the 200cc (or so) saline solution that she made up previously.  Now he was ready to nebulize.  I had Jeremiah take 3cc of the final mixture and nebulize it.


I would only use this mixture for a few nebulizing treatments until pure normal saline can be purchased.  I would not store this solution for a long period of time.


I instruct my patients to nebulize 3-5 times per day if sick and 1-2 times per day if using it as a preventative.


I hope this helps.  I cannot answer all the questions about nebulizing.


Final Thoughts: 

The internet sells a lot of bad products.  I simply do not know what brand of food grade hydrogen peroxide sold on the internet to recommend.  We use medical and professional sourcing for our intravenous and nebulized products.  Therefore, it is best to work under the guidance of a competent holistic doctor who is skilled in IV therapy.


To All Our Health!



David Brownstein, MD is a conventionally trained Board-Certified Family Physician with the additional overlay of holistic principles.


While Dr. Brownstein does not claim to have a cure for any illness, he does believe that we can enhance the individual’s immune system by supporting the ‘host’ & the terrain of the host. The human body is well designed and the immune system, when given the proper support, can optimally function.


Disclaimer: The information in this blog should not be used as medical advice. Any therapies that are discussed should be supervised under the guidance of your physician or licensed healthcare professional.