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( We are NOT financially compensated for these recommendations )

My Team wishes we had known all along that our Food Desires are actually dictated by our gut bugs.

Our gut bugs communicate directly with our Cerebral Cortex and tell us what foods we are to crave.

It’s a Democracy down there and ALL the Bugs, Good and Bad, vote.

Feeding the Bad Bugs creates MORE Bad Bugs and they all vote to seduce humans into desiring harmful foods.

Feeding the Good Bugs creates MORE Good Bugs and they vote causing humans to desire the healthy, body regenerating, and rejuvenating foods.

The resources the human body utilizes to:

  • Maintain a healthy Immune System (the Body’s Soldiers)
  • Regenerate cells to keep the body structurally sound (the Body’s Construction Workers and Carpenters)
  • and Rejuvenate (“My, You look 10 years younger!”)

are all redirected to combat the havoc created by Gliadins, Glutenins, Lectins, Holstein Cattle Caseins and Pork Proteins.


“enjoying” the foods listed in the YagerBomb NO List redirects the resources the human body uses to defend itself and leaves a person critically vulnerable to continuous dis – ease.

This leads to a Serious Condition known as “Immuno-compromised”.

Enjoying the foods listed in the YagerBomb YES List allows the body to use what it needs and shed the extra.

After following this Protocol of replacing the bad gut bugs with good gut bugs, our Team actually craves healthy foods.

YagerBomb Scientific has determined that a healthy Transition may require that the various products listed below be carefully used in the order in which they are listed:


YagerBomb Scientific’s position on Steven R. Gundry, MD is that he is a shameless product pusher.



( We are NOT financially compensated for these recommendations )


First 30 Days:

Dr Gundry Total Restore:












Next 30 Days:

Dr Gundry PreBiotics:











Vitamin Shoppe ProBiotics:



Final 30 Days:

Dr Gundry Bio Complete 3:












Brownstein Total Liver Care:











Essential Reading: