My Daily Protocol

We all have different bodies.

What works for me will probably work for you in different doses

provided you have not received the Experimental “Vaccine.”

If you have chosen to receive the Experimental “Vaccine” then I have no solution for you.

  1. Preventative Nebulizing (Instructions below)
  2. Vitamin B Complex ( Stroke Prevention )
  3. Vitamin D3
  4. Time Release Vitamin C
  5. Chelated Zinc
  6. Quercetin ( Favorite of many Chiropractors )
  7. GLUC-Control ( MultiVitamin for Diabetics )
  8. DMG Complete ( Helps Our Bodies Absorb the Vitamins )
  9. 88 Ounces of Ozone SATURATED Steam Distilled Water



Please read this WHOLE response for COMPLETE instructions on all Nebulizing protocols.

First, we have experienced great results with this FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide, Saline and these Machines:


For Daily Maintenance with NO Infection:

5 CCs (5 ml) 0.9% Saline Solution

1 CCs (1 ml)  3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Nebulize until Metered Bowl is Empty



( We are NOT financially compensated for these recommendations )

























For INFECTION or for “Having Been in Contact with Infected Person”:

5 CCs (5 ml) 0.9% Saline Solution

1 CCs (1 ml)  3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

2 Drops 2% J Crow’s Lugol’s Iodine

Nebulize until Metered Bowl is Empty


Have paper cups available to cough into.

Place both forearms on a table when coughing so you don’t hurt your back.

















P.S. To find a Qualified Medical Doctor to EFFECTIVELY combat COVID-19 and other Virus


Google or DuckDuckGo these exact words including the commas:


Vitamin C IV, Ozone IV, Nebulizer Medical Doctors near Me


Vitamin B Complex




Vitamin D3

…be cautious with Vitamin K

COVID Variants can cause Blood Clotting.



Time Release Vitamin C



Chelated Zinc







































DMG Complete















Ozone SATURATED Steam Distilled Water

( We are NOT financially compensated for these recommendations )

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22 Ounces of Ozone Water 4 Times per Day

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Powerful Probiotics



EveryBody is Different


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