Masks And Covid Tests Contain Nanotech Vaccines Without Informed Consent

By Dr. Ariyana Love


People nationwide are being coerced and forced to suffocate themselves and their children in mandated masks. They’re being forced to take Covid-19 “tests” in order to fly and experimental mRNA and Adenovirus injections which are being falsely labeled as vaccines.

The Covid “vaccines” are not vaccines at all but a form of gene therapy with a Nanotech delivery system which in other words is genetic engineering. Nobody is allowed to administer experimental drugs into your body without your Informed Consent.

According to an internal study by Health Human Services and Harvard, less than 1% of vaccine side effects are reported to government vaccine injury reporting systems. This means the actual Deaths in Europe from the experimental Covid injections are about 99% higher than what’s being reported. It means the actual Deaths are closer to 453,024. That should drop your jaw.

Where is the surveillance and oversight of these experimental gene-editing technologies that are being injected into your bodies and your children’s bodies? Shouldn’t they be monitored and shouldn’t the actual Deaths and Adverse Reactions be reported? Obviously, big pharma and corporate mainstream media is hiding something from us.

A Freedom of Information (F.O.I) request published to The Daily Expose in March, showed 2,207 Deaths within 28 days of having the experimental Covid injections during the month of February, in Scotland. This means the actual unreported Deaths are about 218,493 in Scotland alone.

People are being widely deceived and bribed to acquiesce to their own Deaths.

Masks and Covid “tests” also contain Bioweapons. In March of 2020, Coronavirus “test kits” heading to the UK were found contaminated with Coronavirus. The CDC’s Covid “test kits” sent out across the US in February 2020, were also caught contaminated with Coronavirus after President Trump initiated a federal investigation.

Egyptian slave punishment


An Austrian court just ruled the PCR test not suitable for determining infectivity and “rejects the entire Corona policy in Austria, which is based on this very test.”

There are many suppressed reports of cognitive impairment, sickness, and sudden deaths after the nasopharyngeal swab, otherwise known as the PCR (polymerase chain reaction). After being “Covid tested” these symptoms are reported; headaches, nausea, vomiting, and clear watery drainage from the side of the nose, also known as a Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak. Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks results from head trauma or injury to the spine.

Hochkrebseregendes Ethylenoxid an PCR Teststäbchen

The Nasopharyngeal swab sample is being taken from an extremely delicate area right at the blood/brain barrier. This medical procedure is a violent and invasive exploitation of your basic rights to choose what’s delivered into your body.


Hydrogels infused with nanoparticles are being used in a number of biological applications: tissue engineering, chemical, and biological sensing, and drug and gene delivery. Unfortunately, these nanobots are not being used to heal us as they could be. Instead, they’ve been programmed for destruction.

Black worms or parasite-looking Nanotubes have been found in masks and Covid “tests” around the world, embedded in the tiny fibers. They cannot be seen by the naked eye but when held under a microscope they are visible. Nanotubes are motionless until activated by heat and moisture and then they wiggle just like a parasite.

See more video’s here.

The discovery of Hydrogel Nanotechnology in masks and Covid “tests” can mean only one thing. What we are seeing in the video above are Carbon Nanotubes for vaccine delivery. Carbon Nanotubes were designed as an antigen delivery system in vitro and in vivo.

Covid vaccines, masks, and tests are not being administered for your protection. These are experimental medical devices programmed to penetrate your cells and deliver a deadly payload, directly into your cells for genetic engineering.

A groundbreaking new study revealed that experimental Nanotech medical devices are already being used in 43 leading vaccines. Nanotech has long been fed to us in our foods. It’s labeled as a “vitamin and mineral supplement” and is disguised in other ways, despite that it’s known to cause leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disease.

Carbon nanotubes

In April, Health Canada warned of “microscopic graphene particles” used in masks which cause “early pulmonary toxicity”. In other words, they’re causing severe lung damage.

Graphene-based materials kill bacteria and that’s the selling point but when used in face masks it’s “comparable to breathing in asbestos all day long”, says Health Canada.

Graphene was designed as a drug and vaccine carrier. Graphene is used for DNA sequencing and manipulation. So why are graphene nanotubes also being found in nappies (diapers) and woman’s sanitary pads, according to reports?

Following ingestion and inhalation, Graphene carrying nanobots easily cross the blood-brain barrier. They’re proven to be toxic to human tissue and cell cultures, resulting in oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokine production, and DNA mutation. They are also being programmed to cause cell death.

Nano-Silver is being marketed in masks as a positive thing because it’s a strong antimicrobial, which means it kills bacteria and fungi. Companies capitalizing on face masks are making unsubstantiated public health claims, however, saying their masks provide “protection against COVID-19”. In actuality, these products are infecting you with programmed Nanobots and experimental drugs. Nano masks are also being marketed to kids for stealth delivery.

Nano masks for kids

Neither the EPA nor the FDA has approved nano-silver for use in face coverings or masks and the EPA already qualifies nano-silver as a pesticide. In addition, nano-silver in face masks is an environmental biohazard. Billions of masks have been discarded into the environment already.

Nano-silver is infused into Nanotubes which are semiconductors for ballistic transport of a drug payload. The graphene Nanotubes are 3D polymeric networks of nanocomposite hydrogel. Hydrogels are a “controlled drug delivery system” with a number of biological applications having to do with Bioengineering, including tissue engineering, chemical, and biological sensing, and drug and gene delivery.

Originally, Nanotube technology was developed as “DNA altering” gene therapy to be used to treat cancer. Now Nanotubes are being used in an array of products, including masks and Covid “tests” without Informed Consent. Here are some videos about Nanotubes for additional study.

Nanotubes are activated and mobilized by thermal heat. Having a polymer shell structure, the graphene hydrogel nanotubes were designed with the purpose of carrying the Nano-Silver with a drug payload for vaccine delivery. Nanotubes were also developed for vaccine delivery in Europe.

The elastomeric nature of this material allows the Hydrogels and Nanotubes to obtain various shapes and sizes and to shrink and expand.

Carbon nanotubes – Link here

“The presence of silver ions stop the respiratory enzyme from transferring electrons to oxygen molecules during respiration”. In other words, the presence of Carbon Nanotubes and nano-silver in masks means there is a drug payload that is severing your cells’ ability to receive oxygen. At the same time, the Nano-Silver nanobots are also programmed to pass through the cell membrane of lung cells, destroying them. The Nano-Silver in Covid “tests” targets brain cells and potentially other parts of the body.

Carbon nanotubes in fibrous looking hydrogel (masks)

The boasted “antibacterial applications” of Nano-Silver for masks are clearly a cover when coupled with statements like “silver nanoparticles need to be small enough to pass through the cell membrane”. If Nano-Silver were actually being used for antibacterial applications then why do they need to pass through the cell membranes of mask wearers?

Nanotubes are activated by heat and by apparent moisture. They are semiconductors so they can be programmed to activate by energy frequency. Our bodies are literally batteries and our exhale is filled with moisture.

Nanotube size

The Nano-Silver nanobots are programmed to disconnect from the Nanotube and reassemble in your body to target locations like the brain, gut, or lung cells. In laboratories, Hydrogels are created in various shapes and sizes. They can swell and shrink and are activated using lasers.

There was recently a toxic mask recall in Quebec because of lung damage in children due to mask-wearing in daycares.

Meanwhile, a mysterious new “brain disease” has appeared in Canada which causes spasms, memory loss, and hallucinations and has doctors baffled.

People are beginning to catch on that Nano-masks and Covid “tests” are delivering shots of nanobots to the brain.

Various masks for comparison

Most RNA vaccines are nasally administered. In fact, Finland is currently developing its own experimental Adenovirus “nasal vaccine”. Given that this is a transfection of foreign RNA into human cells, it too constitutes an illegal medical experiment.

The Health Ranger from Natural News talks about Lipid Nanoparticles in the mRNA “vaccines” which is causing massive inflammation due to the adjuvants. These nano-sized robots are programmed to destroy your innate immune system.

Former FEMA employee turned whistleblower Celeste Solum, has revealed something new and shocking from US Government documents. The Covid “tests” insert a magnetic beacon which allows for tracking.

The Covid “test kit” patent is owned and operated by Richard A. Rothschild, which is patent #US2020279585(A1).

Celeste Solum: COVID “Test” Inserts Microchip


Bill Evanina stepped down as a top counterintelligence official in the U.S. Government in January 2021, to authorize a rare and urgent public warning:

“Foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from covid tests.”

There is evidence that the nasopharyngeal swab for the Covid “test” is being used to harvest DNA by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Bill Gates. 60 Minutes did an exposé on the BGI Group’s use of Covid “tests” to collect, store and exploit the biometric information of American citizens. The Obama Administration opened the door for the CCP and allowed BGI Group a foothold in the U.S.

What do they want our DNA for?


Aside from Nanotech medical devices and forced genetic engineering, scientists have found evidence of a chemical cocktail in face masks of the most heavily restricted poisons regulated by authorities in Europe and the USA. Experts say masks are comparable to breathing hazardous waste.

Quite honestly, I think mainstream media is focusing on mask toxicity in order to divert our attention away from Nanotech Bio-engineering.

Masks Breathing In Toxic Waste

Outlined in this article are 20 reasons mandatory face masks are unsafe, ineffective, and immoral.


Most masks and face coverings (including cloth) are made with toxic and carcinogenic chemicals including fire retardant, fibreglass, lead, NFE, phthalates, ethylene oxide, polyfluorinated chemicals and formaldehyde.

We are being told that the Covid “test” and masks are for our safety but masks and Covid “tests” are sprayed with ethylene oxide. We are told this is to “sterilize” the product but it also sterilizes the user.

The EPA classifies ethylene oxide as an “extremely hazardous” toxic chemical. The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries issued an urgent medical warning in April 2020, stating:

“this extremely hazardous toxic chemical poses a severe risk to human health.”

Ethylene oxide has never been approved by the US Government’s OSHA for use on personal protective equipment. So why is it being used on face masks and inserted to people’s blood/brain barrier?

According to the EPA and the CDC, ethylene oxide is a carcinogen and the most cancerous-causing substance known to man! It “has been linked to neurologic dysfunction and may cause other harmful effects” to the eyes, lungs, brain, and nervous system.

Ethylene oxide is a flammable gas that dissolves easily in water thus covering your mouth with it is not smart. In fact, evidence reveals that using ethylene oxide on masks results in off-gassing in the wearer’s breathing zone. Prolonged exposure causes neurologic dysfunction and nervous system depression.

Even more horrifying is that ethylene oxide is mutagenic in humans which means it has the power to permanently alter your genes and damage your DNA. It’s also teragenetic which means it causes birth defects in your babies. Oh and it’s a key ingredient in anti-freeze.

I have to wonder if the off-gasing of mask wearers will endanger non-mask wearers?


A recent research study showed that nonreusable masks contain a powerful plastic chemical called Phthalate. It softens plastic products and triggers extreme reproductive damages in men while also damaging DNA. Overexposure to Phthalates decreases fertility and causes penises to shrink. It also induces male gametes mutations leading to increased pre-and postnatal mortality of offspring. That just can’t be good.


Deborah Tavares on Israeli News Live reveals from leaked US Government documents that the Covid “vaccines” cause Prion Disease. That’s an irreversible auto-immune disease.


Masks and Covid “tests” are instruments of war. They are part of a deadly medical experiment for genetic engineering and depopulation. These are not masks, vaccines, or tests at all. They are experimental medical devices ridden with deadly poisons which sterilize permanently and irreversibly alter DNA. Masks and Covid tests also contain the experimental Covid gene-editing Bioweapons with a poisonous payload inside a nanotech delivery system. These are weapons of war being used to enslave and reduce the population in a deadly medical experiment which is in contravention of Nuremberg Codes and violates Informed Consent laws.

Quit damaging your blood/brain barrier with fake tests. Quit giving them your DNA. Quit wearing masks. Don’t put them on your kids. Use cloth diapers and organic sanitary pads. Be smart. Whatever you do, don’t take the Covid injections because that means game over. They are an irreversible one-shot kill, shot. The Nanotech Bioweapons “vaccines” means guaranteed Death. It might not kill you right away but the destruction to your cells and immune system will be ongoing until Death. That’s what autoimmune disease is.

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Here are ways of detoxifying your body from Nanoparticles. Please watch the below video and study the material and links within this article. Be informed.

What’s being done to us is against free will, inalienable rights, and Nuremberg Codes. The Nuremberg Two, led by Reimer Fuellmich, has been prepared.

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