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The YES List for Vegetarians

The YES List for Vegans


( We are NOT financially compensated for these recommendations )

I wish had known all along that our Food Desires are dictated by our gut bugs.

Our gut bugs communicate directly with our Cerebral Cortex and tell us what foods to crave.

After following this protocol of getting rid of the bad gut bugs and replacing them with good gut bugs, I actually crave healthy foods.

The human body is not designed to process gliadin, glutenin, lectins and Holstein cattle caseins.

Instead of using the Immune System and the body’s ability to regenerate cells to keep the body healthy, the body uses an enormous amount of its resources to combat these four proteins because the body thinks they are viruses or harmful bacteria.


This causes the body to neglect processes that should be performed daily because there are not enough resources left over to perform natural regeneration.


This is an invitation to disease.


My Team has discovered that a healthy Transition may require the products listed below to be used in the order in which they are listed:

( We are NOT financially compensated for these recommendations )


First 30 Days:

Dr Gundry Total Restore:












Next 30 Days:

Dr Gundry PreBiotics:











Vitamin Shoppe ProBiotics:


Final 30 Days:

Dr Gundry Bio Complete 3:












Brownstein Total Liver Care:











Essential Reading: