The numbers show Sweden,

who did not enforce national mask or vaccine mandates,

is faring well against COVID.

Less than 150 deaths per 100,000

are due to COVID and COVID Variants.

This is far less than death by Obesity and Cigarettes

Why are we not following Sweden’s Protocol to replicate Sweden’s results?



President Biden

and renounced California Governor Gavin Newsom

are apparently sold on experimenting

with strategies that have never worked in the history of mankind.

LA County announced that they will now require

proof of vaccination for

indoor bars, nightclubs, and outdoor sports games.

So why, again, are our local politicians pushing

for compliance via dictatorship?

It’s another power play that willingly ignores actual data.

We would ask why they would double down on moves that do not work,

but we already know their goal is not to rid America of COVID.

Certain Leaders want to rid us of our freedoms.

Science, real Science is officially on our side.