Blog #4 How to Prevent Corona Virus


How to Prevent Corona Virus? Avoid the Flu Shot

I recently posted a third blog post on coronavirus (‘Corona Virus Part III: Say It Ain’t So!’ 2.26.20) I was not planning to write another one so soon but that changed when I saw the report in the New York Times. The headline in the February 25, 2020 article in the New York Times article reads, “How to prepare for the Coronavirus.” Right below the headline, in large font, it states, “Wash your hands. Keep a supply of medicines. Get a flu shot.”


I have no problems with the idea of washing hands. That is a good antimicrobial technique. As for keeping a supply of medications, the author of the article is making the point of having a 30-day supply of medications on hand in case you cannot go out to get them. I have no issue with that advice.




The writer states, “Infectious disease specialists strongly recommend flu vaccination. And the best protection for older people against bacterial pneumonia is, paradoxically, to vaccinate children…”


Folks, this is another example of FAKE NEWS! The flu vaccine has never been shown to protect against pneumonia.


I would suggest the opposite is true; those who get the flu vaccine will be more at risk for other non-flu-like infections such as coronavirus. (1) This idea that the flu vaccine disrupts the immune system’s ability to fight infections is nothing new. In fact, it was first described in 1960 in relation to the flu vaccine.


I wonder if the flu vaccine was mandated in China before the coronavirus epidemic began. That could explain why so many Chinese were infected with coronavirus.
It is important to keep in mind that the flu vaccine regularly fails most (usually over 90%) who receive it. Not only does it NOT protect you against the flu, it gives the immune system problems identifying other strains of the flu as well as different non-flu like viruses such as…coronavirus.


The take home message to help prevent coronavirus is…wash your hands and avoid the flu vaccine.


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